Mosaïque: „Nuns and MONK!“

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Mosaïque: „Nuns and MONK!“

Erbsenfabrik14.03.2017, 19:30

Mosaïque: "Nuns and MONK!"

Dienstag, 14. März 2017
Einlass: 18:30 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr


Have you been yearning for the solution to all your problems? For the chaos of life to resolve itself into paradise?
Well, look no further. And also, do not look here, or anywhere else. Just stop… and mark your calendars immediately for Mosaïque’s event, „Nuns and Monk“ on Tuesday, March 14th!

Vocalist Meredith Nicollai, Vibraphonist and Arranger Flip Phillipp, Violinist Johanna Lacroix-Handschuh, Bassist Karol Hodas and Pianist Chanda VanderHart will feed your souls with a uniquely fulfilling evening, featuring music about the search for finality and the need for progression, juxtaposing classical compositions of Messiaen, Barber, Zemlinsky and more with the jazz idiom of Thelonious Monk.

The concert begins at 7:30PM at our favorite safe haven, Brick-5. Feel free to come early and tank up on communion wine and get ready to be entertained and engaged. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a bit of redemption.


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