Konzert: Miraro & Christina Ruf

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Konzert: Miraro & Christina Ruf

Erbsenfabrik04.12.2019, 19:30 - 21:00

Konzert: Miraro & Christina Ruf

Christina Ruf is an experimental cellist from Vienna, Austria. Her music is a result of the use of alternative playing techniques and preparations of the cello and electric cello constantly attempting to move further and further away from the cliches associated with her instrument, and the role that it has taken on in modern contemporary music. Her debutalbum Cykel was released in February 2019.

Míraró is an artist duo by the Iranian visual artist and musician saLeh roZati and the Icelandic composer and poet Erla. Their work explores the soundscape of the hidden and wild using electronics, cello and the voice. Their performance was created with sound research and organized improvisation expressing the atmosphere of what can melt and what must erupt. Performers: saLeh roZati & Ragnheiður Erla

Entrance: suggested donation €10 and for students €7 €

→ http://www.rrrerla.com
→ http://www.art.rozati.com
→ https://www.christinaruf.com

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