Craft Choreography – Premiere Edition

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Craft Choreography – Premiere Edition

Erbsenfabrik09.10.2019, 19:30 - 21:00

Craft Choreography - Premiere Edition

Welcome to the new and fresh platform for presenting contemporary dance in Vienna. The cultural venue of Erbsenfabrik/Die Turnhalle at the Brick-5 area opens its doors for the dance community and offers a dedicated space for showing works, exchange of ideas and socializing, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Get ready for the premiere edition on October 9 at 19:30! Free of charge. Grab a (craft) beer and enjoy an amazing event of sharing ideas and pieces from local and international artists! The event concludes with an open conversation and socializing in a friendly atmosphere.

Line-Up: Ego Portrait (Maja Franke & Ralph Öllinger, Vienna/Rotterdam), Sara Mitola, Giuseppe Sorressa (Italy) – I remember, Ivan Strelkin (Linz) – Dance Bitch Dance, Rita Gobi (Hungary) – Volitant, Luca Major, Chiara Moratello (Vienna). Hosted by Hygin Delimat.


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