Cluster ensemble – „3 Things“ Changing Parts (Philip Glass)“

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Cluster ensemble – „3 Things“ Changing Parts (Philip Glass)“

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Cluster ensemble - "3 Things" Changing Parts (Philip Glass)"

Donnerstag, 21. September 2017
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr


Over the last two years, Cluster ensemble has stunned the musical world with their live performance of the early Philip Glass’ piece Music In Changing Parts.
The positive reception has been such, that even Glass himself, after attending the Slovak premiere in person, was astounded and offered to publish their debut album CLUSTER ENSEMBLE PLAYS PHILIP GLASS on his label Orange Mountain Music.
It gained great critical acclaim from Guardian and

Now, the young intermedia art group from Slovakia brings its performance of “Changing Parts” to Austria for the first time.

The unique performance combines Glass’ piece Music with Changing Parts with live video.
The ensemble – consisting of 3 electric organs, flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, marimba and a VJ – plays a over-an-hour-long version of the minimalist piece with great precision and feeling.

Their interpretation of the work is one of very few since it was composed in the 1970s.
When Glass found out that the Slovak group had prepared the piece, he asked, with surprise: ‘Where did they get the score? It wasn’t even published,’” recounts Anton Batagov, Russian composer and pianist who travelled with Glass to Cluster ensemble’s concert in Košice two years ago.
The truth was, that it had indeed been possible to order the music, but nobody did, until now. This was the first case. And the young musicians play the piece as if it was Glass himself with his ensemble, with the same enthusiasm, the same precision, magic and a certain feeling/emotion, which – fortunately – cannot be described with words. After the concert Glass said: ‘If the young generation can play it like this – I have nothing to worry about…’”



Philip GlassMusic with Changing Parts (1971)


Ivan Šiller (electric organ), Fero Király (electric organ, analog synth), Zuzana Biščáková (electric organ), Braňo Dugovič (clarinet, bass clarinet), Nikolaj Nikitin (saxophone), Veronika Vitázková (flute, piccolo), Lenka Novosedlíková (marimba), Michal Matejka (electric guitar), Jakub Pišek (live video)

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